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Control your business partners and make a profit easily. Be a part of global enterprise!

Step 1

Invite people

Invite professionals to the app in your city or nearby.

Step 2

Control them

Make sure the people that the people you register are integrated.

Step 3

Manage them

Monitor the process through the Ambassador Panel.

Step 4

Make a profit

Make profit when your registered professionals process.

Krembi Ambassador

Make your connections in the beauty industry part of a profitable transformation with regular income!

  • Every time the salon and freelance beauticians that you subscribed to Krembi provide a new service to the customer, you make a new income.
  • Generate revenue without the marketing and advertising budget of both you and your partners.

Plain, simple and understandable

Plain, simple and understandable

Full Responsive

Easily access the panel from your computer, tablet and smart phone


Instantly access the performance reports of the service providers you have included in the platform






Be Our

Brand Ambassador